O’Toole O’Shea – That Hound Renown

More poetry… Just for fun!



Nancy Dort Rossow

(All rights reserved)

O’Toole O’Shea – that hound renown,

loves to go exploring around…

and dig up the ground,

roll in the dirt,

chew an old shirt,

 smell stinky stuff,

 practice his ruff,

chase squirrels up trees,

 scratch all his fleas,

chew on his ball,

 jump on the wall,

bury his bone,

talk on the phone,

 dance the tango,

sing a solo,

 catch a white goose,

 make a brown mousse,

knit a sweater,

write a letter,

wear a ball gown,

go into town,

O’Toole O’Shea – that hound renown.

About ndrossowauthor

As long as I can remember I have written - poems, observations, stories. Then graduate school, marriage, raising a family, and work occupied my life 100% of the time, and my writing for pleasure took a back seat. Now, I'm back. Retirement from my professional life as a school psychologist, and university professor, grown children, and an empty nest have freed me to follow my passion. I write on topics at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. My debut novel, A DEEP PLACE OF GRACE will be released soon. I My wonderful husband of nearly 40+years encourages me and my God sustains me.
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1 Response to O’Toole O’Shea – That Hound Renown

  1. Stephanie Bryn says:

    Dr Acquarius is today’s Dr. Seuss! We want more!

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