Creative Writing Exercise – Just for fun!

RANDOM WORDS FOR THE DAY:  shadow, gone, eternity, friend, garden, beat.  Use these words in a story, fable, etc.  Share yours if you want.

My example:

A SHADOW of depression hung over me.  My FRIEND and fellow soldier killed in a senseless war, a war that was started on a lie and kept going long after there was any logical reason. Destruction everywhere, and now my FRIEND was GONE for all ETERNITY.

When I got back home I decided never again would I lift a sword or weapon against another. I was going to “BEAT my sword into a plowshare” and bring life to the Earth, not death.  The Friendship GARDEN was the result of my efforts and those of the community.  It has brought people together in a common goal, and with a common enemy – the weeds!  We feed and nurture others instead of destroying.  Finally my soul and spirit are healing.  The End.

About ndrossowauthor

As long as I can remember I have written - poems, observations, stories. Then graduate school, marriage, raising a family, and work occupied my life 100% of the time, and my writing for pleasure took a back seat. Now, I'm back. Retirement from my professional life as a school psychologist, and university professor, grown children, and an empty nest have freed me to follow my passion. I write on topics at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. My debut novel, A DEEP PLACE OF GRACE will be released soon. I My wonderful husband of nearly 40+years encourages me and my God sustains me.
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