Creative Writing Fun

Todays words:  worship, fast, lazy, produce, symphony, finger.

My creation:

Unlike the beautiful music of the SYMPHONY, the grocery store’s loud speakers played a mixture of elevator music and new hip hop tunes that went from boring to jarring in a matter of minutes.  I drew a LAZY FINGER slowly over some PRODUCE checking for ripeness. Around me shoppers moved by FAST in a near WORSHIP of commerce.  I focused back on the pears, inhaling their sweetness and quieting my mind.  The End.

Would love to see your creative endeavors with these six words.  Peace, Joy and Love.

About ndrossowauthor

As long as I can remember I have written - poems, observations, stories. Then graduate school, marriage, raising a family, and work occupied my life 100% of the time, and my writing for pleasure took a back seat. Now, I'm back. Retirement from my professional life as a school psychologist, and university professor, grown children, and an empty nest have freed me to follow my passion. I write on topics at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. My debut novel, A DEEP PLACE OF GRACE will be released soon. I My wonderful husband of nearly 40+years encourages me and my God sustains me.
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