Smart phones; television; social media; over-activity; food; alcohol; drugs – anything and everything to distract ourselves from looking within to examine our motives and behaviors.  We judge others, pick out the “log” in our brother ‘s and sister’s eyes, and condemn rather than searching our souls for fear we may discover that we’ve fallen short of our idealized self.  We justify our hate-filled remarks as “righteous” as though we were appointed by God Himself to be his judge on Earth.  How arrogant, misguided, and prideful- how deadly are our sins.  No one knows the mind of God; no one knows the heart and soul of another; no one knows the trials and challenges of another; no one has the right to judge another and to proclaim who God himself will choose to save.  So let us examine our own self-serving motives, our own fears, our own prejudices, our own pride, and stop trying to elevate ourselves to the divine position of God the creator, savior, redeemer, healer, and judge. HE ALONE has the power to save and/or condemn.   Let go of fear and embrace the peace and love of God.  Peace, joy and love to all.

About ndrossowauthor

As long as I can remember I have written - poems, observations, stories. Then graduate school, marriage, raising a family, and work occupied my life 100% of the time, and my writing for pleasure took a back seat. Now, I'm back. Retirement from my professional life as a school psychologist, and university professor, grown children, and an empty nest have freed me to follow my passion. I write on topics at the intersection of psychology and spirituality. My debut novel, A DEEP PLACE OF GRACE will be released soon. I My wonderful husband of nearly 40+years encourages me and my God sustains me.
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