I love words and I do this exercise daily just for fun.  It gets those creative writing juices flowing. Try it and share if you wish.

1.  Select 4-5 words at random from a box of refrigerator magnetic words or from the Random Word Generator website, then select the Word Of the Day (W.O.D) from the Dictionary app.

2. Write a story;  a sentence/paragraph;  a fable…anything.

3.  Underline or bold the words as they are used and then share just for fun.

1. Here’s an example from 7/16/14:

Words:  blue, sweat, leg, watch, spray, and W.O.D., lust.

She was on her second load of ironing and was bored to tears.  Staying at home and doing chores was the most unfulfilling thing she had done since losing her job in the crash.  Taking in laundry to pay the bills was hard and not very meaningful. She was metaphorically “singing the Blues.”

She decided to watch a daytime soap opera and flipped on the TV. After a few minutes she began to sweat. The iron radiated too much heat for her small apartment. Her legs ached from standing.  A commercial for baked goods came on and she found herself lusting for chocolate cake shared with a boyfriend at an intimate cafe. Now her internal heat was as hot as her iron. She grabbed the spray bottle filled with water and spritzed her face. It felt great, so she continued spraying her neck, arms and legs. I need a job and a life she said aloud, chuckling that the fantasy on TV had become her only reality.   The end.

2. An example from 5/26/20

Words: God, implication, catch, rob and W.O.D., salute.

War robbed the child of her father, yet in church she saluted a statue of Jesus. The implication being that God was her leader, the authority she followed. The child’s mother was so moved that she took a photograph to catch the child’s devotion and faith. The End.

3. Example from 6/28/20

Words: project, version, month, head and WOD, megafauna (Noun – large or giant animals, especially of a given area).

His head was swimming with project ideas. Next month he was to present his version of the Save the Whales plan to the conservancy board. He had studied the megafauna of the oceans, all types of whales, so he felt ready to knock their socks off with his ambitious scheme. THE END

So…that is all there is to it.  Post your own if you wish.  It is fun to see how different the stories are using the same words.  I’ll post new words and my examples periodically. Lets have fun!  **A good healthy dose of creative expression goes along way toward positive mental health.

WORD PROMPTS: Some recent selections to get you started. Enjoy!

*recruit, exceed, length, planet, tete-a-tete.

*branch, neutral, contrary, opposite, Augean.

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