and other flying things


Nancy Dort Rossow



“That’s it.  I am done,” so loudly I say.

“Annoying gnat, now please go away!

What are you doing?  Why are you here?

Around my head you’re buzzing too near.

You must want attention – you’re trying so hard,

to drive me right out of my very own yard.”


You zip all around and go in my ear,

You plan your attack, and that’s what I fear.

You zoom like a jet. You roll and you pitch,

You bite – then leave me to scratch at my itch!


Coming and going, you fly about,

Dropping your load along the planned route,

Like transport planes – all big and noisy,

You fly to flower, to clover, and posy.


Never seen, except at night,

Silent, swift upon your flight,

Like a stealth plane in the air,

sneaking by us, unaware.


You float on the air, so light in your flight,

How did your colors get oh so bright?

Your cousin the moth is so dull and so drab,

and that is why you’re the one that’s so fab!


You get a bad rap from all, it would seem.

They think that you bite, and that you are mean.

But you are important, or so I have read.

You clean up an animal after its dead.

7 Responses to ESSAYS AND POEMS

  1. Angela Young says:


  2. URL says:

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  4. Sherrie Kelly Feddersen says:

    End the madness! It’s all so true. Thanks for putting it out there, I just needed something to help to understand all the hatred and violence…….this world we live in now is so different I fear for our grandchildren. Anyway moved on to your poetry and blog, nice job, how rewarding for you….

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